• Spring Break

    A restful vacation, some time off to ease the stresses of everyday life, or just an all-out shitshow — spring break is upon us whether you’re ready or not. While the locations, days off & choices of celebration may differ, we encourage you to take advantage of this time however you see fit…even you, Mom. Whether you’ve spent countless hours preparing in the gym, office, classroom or all of the above, welcome to spring break. If you even needed any more motivation, here are our favorite texts sent from very blurry beaches, boats, hotel rooms & even the local bar.

    (317): idea:have a jello shot stand(opposed to lemonade stand) to raise money for spring break

    (815): I got a hennah tattoo of my room number on my arm…I love spring break in Mexico!

    (202): Remember when we were mad at her for brining her mom on spring break? She just won the wet t-shirt contest. I think we owe her an apology.

    (214): I can only imagine the horrible things my future wife is doing on spring break right now.

    (918): People were autographing me. I’m like the spring break yearbook

    (774): the boy next to me on the plane handed me a shot glass, then a perkaset, and told me to have a good week off..hellllo spring break.

    (940): You graduated two years ago… You can’t keep using spring break as an excuse.

    (732): I just got off a plane from Mexico. At least 15 passengers dashed to the bathroom throughout the flight. Can you tell its spring break?

    Spring Break memories you can’t forget (no matter how hard you’ve tried)? Leave them in the comments.

    • Submitted by Justine on Mar 1, 12 at 1:14pm

      remember when you received an underage drinking ticket on spring break, so we threw an underage keg party to raise money to pay it off?

    • Submitted by Kyle on Mar 6, 12 at 10:01pm

      Remember when the guys in the hotel room next to us got evicted and management giving us all their alcohol when we were 19?

    • Submitted by chelsea on Apr 30, 12 at 5:17pm

      We turned our hotel room into the party room. Everyone was there, even the really hot security gaurd, sent to check on us the prior night.

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