• TFLN’s Extremely Biased Holiday Gift Guide

    Holiday shopping is hard. If you’re like us, you end up getting frustrated with countless lists, checkout lines, and abandoned shopping carts on Amazon and end up like our friend from New Jersey:

    (732): I’m drinking away my Christmas cash. People are going to get bar receipts as presents.

    Since you seem to like Texts From Last Night (awww), we have a few things that can help speed up your shopping without making you leave the glow of whatever screen you’re currently staring at.

    1. The gift of remembering what day it is: The (brand new) TFLN 2012 Calendar

    2. The gift of bathroom reading: The TFLN Book

    3. The gift of the best walk of shame shirt in the world: Your Favorite TFLN on a T-Shirt. We suggest the text below, but to make any TFLN into a shirt, click on the Order T-Shirt link at the bottom right of a text.

    4. Give the gift of never being bored while waiting for… anything: The TFLN Apps.



    BlackBerry (open link from your BlackBerry to download)

    And remember, there is a special place in hell for anyone sending a holiday mass text.

    Here’s to copious amounts of holiday cheer,

    BB, LL, PB, TZ, & ML

    • Submitted by Clara on Dec 20, 11 at 10:13am

      Stay informatvie, San Diego, yeah boy!

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